We were hacked

Wow! I can’t believe it has been this long. 

Toward the beginning of the year, this site was hacked. I had no idea that the webmaster simply scratched the site and put a WordPress placeholder on a single page.

Ugh. (All those visitors lost.)

Well, I’m back (Keith Pascal, martial arts writer). And I thought that this site could morph into a martial arts/self-defense blog.

Instead of lengthy articles embedded in each post, you’ll get links to all sorts of martial arts information. All of it designed to give you the edge in a real martial arts “situation.”

In fact, to start you out, take a look at TiptoeingToTranquility.com

At Tiptoeing To Tranquility, you’ll find free self-defense articles in a variety of categories. You’ll also find good, sound advice for keeping your loved ones safe, especially when you’re not around.

TiptoeingToTranquility.com is divided into two parts: Information for those who want to protect themselves AND Information for those who want to help others to stay safe.

Make sure to take a look around, and I’ll see you in the next Advantage Martial Arts post.


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