Incredible Punch Power On Your Desk

Incredible Punch Power On Your Desk

by Keith Pascal

Who would’ve thought that a holiday closeout could be this useful for building punch power?

No kidding.

It started the other day, when my wife and I found what was called a desktop punching bag. It was originally $20 during the season, but on the sale, it was less than $2. Such a deal!

I didn’t expect much.

I put the thing together and used the plastic air pump that had been included. Then I stuck the contraption to the desk with the large suction cup.

Ah … that was the flaw. Every couple of minutes, or less, you had to reapply pressure to the suction cup. No wonder it was on the closeout table.

Still, I found an immediate use for this “executive toy.”

I started punching it, but varying the various ways that I know to make contact with a punch. The first day, I tried punch-through energy. I loved it. With intent, I could get the bag to touch the desktop.


The next day, I tried to barely penetrate the punch bag with my punch. Less than an inch in and then instant retraction.

The third day, I switched to a contact-speed-up type of punch.

What a wonderful toy!

Without having a full punching bag, without having to set up for a punching drill, I can change what type of punch contact I wish to make. And yes, this advanced stuff.

But … “holy wow!”

Different Punch Techniques

For those of you practicing different energies … this is better than punching a hanging piece of paper or a whiffle ball … or at least it offers more variety.

Just think … a tabletop punching bag. To build … not speed, not timing (although it “is” decent for that, but … shakes his head … a useful tool for developing that finite point that is so crucial for successful punches.


Further Thoughts

Do you have different punch-contact energies?

One of the first rules that a martial artist learns is to have a relaxed arm and fist until the instant before contact.

To develop a truly powerful, and still speedy, punch, you’ll have to take that precision of contact to a new level. Sure you have to tense your muscles at just the right instance for some of your punches, but other types of punches require a different type of contact-finish and follow through.

And this isn’t all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.

There really is a punch where the pain is inflicted by the way you “retract” your punch after you make contact. No kidding.

If you have only one way of making contact with your punch, maybe now is the time add to your repertoire.

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